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The Etiquette School of Tennessee (TEST), a nonprofit organization, is devoted to helping students in the development of their character, social, dining and personal grooming skills.  These skills build self-confidence and allow one to attain their fullest social and leadership potential. Social skills are the great equalizer and transcend social class, economic status, academic achievement and race.

Our mission is to offer educational etiquette (pronounced et-i-kit or et-i-ket) that instructs students with knowledge, skills and confidence in manners, character building and etiquette for the 21st century that will contribute to their success for a lifetime.

WE MIND THEIR MANNERS.Etiquette for Youth - Teens, Children, Students, Boys, Girls
At TEST we believe manners should be a part of every child's education. Good manners consist of much more than just knowing what fork to use at dinner. It includes social etiquette, communication skills, poise, character building and learning how to handle any situation with grace, kindness, and intelligence.

Our curriculum has been incorporated into schools in Tennessee and Arkansas.  If you are a parent, a teacher or an administrator, make it a part of your school today.

Today's parents acknowledge the great need for manners training, but because of today's busy lifestyles, parents don't always have time to teach it themselves. Our programs reinforce your goal to teach your child the etiquette skills they need to use at home and in all social settings.

When they know the etiquette rules and social skills, children and teens can feel more confident in any situation. This confidence leads to a healthy self- esteem that will contribute to their successful interaction with adults, peers, and most importantly, themselves.

Our program teaches children how to make lasting first impressions through poise, body language and personal grooming. Students are taught the art of making conversation, as well as tips on handling introductions and learning the proper way to shake hands.  The training covers informal and formal dining manners, social skills and how to handle themselves appropriately in different situations and social settings.  They are instructed in problem-solving skills to handle conflicts and how to deal with bullying.  

Students also learn how etiquette and manners relate to the electronic world, such as telephone manners, cell phone know-how, e-mail and internet etiquette.

Our lessons are designed to be fun, using hands-on exercises because we know when students are actively involved, learning is more enjoyable and memorable.

In every interaction with students, our program stresses how manners are an outward sign of their inner values. We teach them how the character traits of kindness, respect, trustworthiness, and self-control help them have good manners.  We help youth learn the manners and etiquette that will give them confidence and that extra edge needed in the "real world".

  • Character Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Meeting People
  • Personal Grooming
  • Party Behavior
  • Netiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Dining Skills
  • Thank-You Notes
  • Shopping Savvy (age appropriate)
  • Dating Skills (age appropriate)
  • College and Job Interviewing (age appropriate)
Cheatham County Schools
Hanley Elementary, Memphis
Coro Lake Elementary, Memphis
Fulton High School, Knoxville
Merrill Lynch
R. E. West
A.O. Smith Corp.
John E. Mayfield
Kiwanis Club
Phi Mu Sorority
Brownie Troop 154
Amachi Kids Club
Big Brothers Big Sister

The American School
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Etiquette for Youth - Teens, Children, Students, Boys, Girls

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