About Us


At TEST we believe manners should be a part of every student’s education. Good manners consist of much more than just knowing what fork to use at dinner. It includes:

  • Social etiquette
  • Communication skills
  • Poise
  • Character building
  • Learning how to handle any situation with grace, kindness, and intelligence

Our curriculum has been incorporated into schools in Tennessee and Arkansas. If you are a parent, a teacher or an administrator, make it a part of your school, program, college or university, today.


Today’s parents and educators acknowledge the great need for character education and social skills training but because of today’s busy lifestyles, they don’t always have time to teach it themselves.

Our programs reinforce your goal to teach your children the etiquette skills they need to use at home, in social settings and in building great relationships throughout their lives.


When students know etiquette rules and social skills, they can feel more confident in any situation. This confidence leads to a healthy self-esteem that will contribute to their successful interaction with adults, peers, and most importantly, themselves.

  • Our program teaches students how to make lasting first impressions through poise, body language and personal grooming.
  • Students are taught the art of making conversation, as well as tips on handling introductions and learning the proper way to shake hands.
  • The training covers informal and formal dining manners, social interactions and how to handle themselves appropriately in different situations and settings.
  • Provide instruction and problem solving skills, handling conflict, reacting to bullying and other uncomfortable situations in a positive manner.
  • Students also learn how etiquette and manners relate to the electronic world, such as telephone manners, cell phone know-how, e-mail and internet etiquette.


Our lessons are designed to be fun, using hands-on exercises because we know when students are actively involved, learning is more enjoyable and memorable.